Michele Canna˛ was born in Sicily in 1955, and has been living  and working in Milan since the late seventies. 

A painter and  engraver, in Milan he started working in the mixed field of figurative art and theatre, with works dedicated to bullfighting. From here, his painting career took off and found expression in the theatre piece "Grandiosa Corrida del Toro Arturo" (The Great Bullfight of Arthur the Bull - 1988).
Theatre Work:
- In 1987, he founded the Theatre Company "La Credenza", with which he staged and directed twenty plays (among which a hitherto unknown play by Dario Fo "Diario di Eva" (Eve's Diary - 1988); "Mythologýa" (Mythology) by M.Canna˛ and Luigi Ceccato; and "La Croce del Sud" (The Southern Cross-'94);
- He created INFESTA (Milan, 1988-89), a non-stop event involving theatre, painting, literature, dance, poetry and music, which met with great audience approval for two consecutive seasons.
Promoter and creator of cultural events:
- In 1991, he founded the "La Credenza" studio, a laboratory for cultural meetings open to the public every Saturday, from 9pm to 3am, for a kermis of poetry, art, literature and theatrical performances (with such guests as Vincenzo Consolo, Leo De Berardinis, Maurizio Cucchi, Mario Spinella, Florestano Vancini, Marco Martinelli and Fausta Squatriti);
- In 1996, he founded and directed the Piccolo Teatro della Scaletta in Messina;
- From 1995 to 1999, sponsored by the Messina District and the Provincial Association for Tourism, he directed and organised as many as 5 versions of Kal˛ Ner˛, an arts festival which takes place in the most evocative archaeological and historical sites of the Sicilian Ionic Riviera between Messina and Taormina.
- In 1986, he produced Il Toro Arturo (Arthur the Bull), a book of engravings depicting a fairytale by Angela Manganaro (Milan);
- In 1988, he produced Sulle tracce del Mallimachi, his first work on video;
- In 1992, together with A. Manganaro, he founded Arte Net, a quarterly arts magazine;
- In 1993, he produced Sciampuina, a pictorial/theatrical performance dedicated to Luigi Pasotelli (Umanitaria Milano);
- In 1999, he produced a catalogue raisonnÚ of his works between 1974 and 1999, edited by Rossana Bossaglia, Angela Manganaro and Michele Passalacqua.
Michele Canna˛'s artistic career, which began in the mid seventies, has been studded with a series of exhibitions that turned every show into an event. Amongst the most important of these are: the national exhibition CittÓ del Peloro (Messina, 1977); the National Painting and Poetry Review (Museum of Folk Traditions in Rome, 1980); the Capuana Prize (Milan 1982 - 1st prize); a solo show at the exhibition hall in Cagliari and the international exhibition Per la libertÓ (at the Levante fair in Genoa) in 1983; a solo exhibition of his engravings Ubbro di pestali at the library of Palazzo Sormani in Milano (1989); his participation in the international exhibition of artist's books (Contemporary Art Museum in Villa Croce, Genoa, in 1990); a solo exhibition, called Luviatico, of 25 engravings on linoleum with and about texts by Vincenzo Consolo, produced in collaboration with Garzanti (Milan, 1994); in 1995, his participation in the great exhibition "100 artisti per Milano" (100 artists for Milan) at the Permanente Palace in Milano, produced by Rossana Bossaglia; a solo exhibition in the cloisters of the monastery of San Placido Caloner˛ in Messina; in 1999, a solo exhibition, called Labirinti, in the Hall of Mirrors of Palazzo dei Leoni in Messina.

The exhibitions in 2001:
- Luviatico, a solo exhibition held at the L'Equilibrista library - Lodi
- Cor-ride, a solo exhibition held at the Sargadelos Gallery - Milan
- Labirinti, a solo exhibition held at the Bertolt Brecht Club - Milan
- Luviatico, a solo exhibition held at the Ciovasso Gallery - Milan


The exhibitions in 2002:
- Le ragioni di un sogno, an anthology of his works from 1982 to 2002, held at the Cascina Grande in Rozzano, Milan

- A solo exhibition of  design and engraving at the Castle of Villata (VC)


The exhibitions in 2003:
A solo exhibition at the Castle of
Scaletta Zanclea (ME)


The exhibitions in 2004:

A solo exhibition at Gallery IsTinto of Milan


The exhibitions in 2005:
- "Canna˛ Portrait" a solo exhibition at the Castle of Villata (VC); at the "Satura" in Genova; at the Corporation of Exbitions of Petrosino (Trapani).

- "Le ragioni di un sogno", a solo exposition of  design and engraving at the Castle Visconteo of Lacchiarella (MI) and at the Cabinet of '900 of Milan.

In May of 2006 begins the journey of Odysseus, Scylla & Charybdis to Lattuada Space gallery in Milan: work on Ulysses, sull'errare in its double meaning of being wrong / travel,

From 2007 to 2013, director of Milan's Permanente Museum and since 2010 he is Director of the Mud Museum of Messina (which he designed and built, and that will be represented in 2011 at the 68th International Biennale del Cinema in Venice from Film Warm Gray Warm Black Marco snappers).

In 2009 organizes the exhibition Passion and Charm to Tadini of Milan Gallery in collaboration with the poet Guido Oldani (the eponymous book is published with texts by Bruno CorÓ, Amedeo Anelli, Marco Dentici, Angela Manganaro and Oldani), with the support of of Culture of the Lombardy Region, is invited to the Biennale di Lodi, becomes part of the Parisi-Valle Cheapskate museum collection (VA). He participates with its poet all'happening Heads of poetry at the Temple of Hadrian in Rome. From October 1 to November 7, 2010 participates in the twentieth century Sacred in Sicily, a series of Sicilian masters of the twentieth century.

In 2011 he was invited to exhibit his passion to Italian Exhibition of the 54th International Biennial of Art in Venice and, at the same Biennale exhibits with Domino who then will move to the United States.
Design "Mountain to Art" in flooded places of Messina realizing the Grand Staircase, the work of land art.
In 2012 he was awarded in Rome on "Antonello Award" for its important artistic achievements during his thirty years of activity.
In 2013 he organizes the exhibition The 13 Moons to Chie Art Gallery in Milan.
In 2014 the gadam of San Marco D'alunzio with Different Glances, along with Togo.
In 2015 a major exhibition Passion and Charm is staged prior to the Castle of Frederick II of Milazzo and then to the Palace of the Dukes of S. Stefano di Taormina. Always the same year the anthology Passions the Montesegale Castle (PV).
Also in 2015 he participates in the Expo in Milan with his Mud Museum which, from Messina to new headquarters at the Castle Montesegale of which he is artistic director.
In the role of conductor set up in September 2015 Montesegale the exhibition "From the Rising Sun to the Land of the Sun" which houses works by a group of Japanese artists and a group of artists of the Mud Museum and, in June 2016, "The Moon the mind hands "which houses the personal Togo, Paola Grott, Luisa Pelosio and Luisa del Sorbo.

In 2016 realizes the SeMediSŔ + 99, the large installation located in Montesegale; is the protagonist in the great exhibition "Leonardo and his contemporaries" organized by ContainerLab from July to September at Palazzo Martinengo of Brescia, presented in the catalog by Stefano Brenna; He was invited by Filippo Scimeca the Review of "Painters Milanesi at the Museum of Gibellina" that acquires one of his works.

In March of 2017 he was invited to exhibit at the 33rd edition of POU Kobe - Hyogo Museum of Art in Japan. In April 2017 presents the pictorial-theater project Quijote.